Philosophy and Board:
We have changed our name: effective July 1, 2016, we are the California Trail Heritage Alliance, dba The National California Historic Trail Center Foundation. Established in 2009, we work to  enhance the California Trail experience with our community, visiting public, and future generations. Won’t you join us as a member?
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About the California Trail Heritage Alliance - Who We Are:
The Alliance is headed by a board of directors with voting directors living in Elko County who have frequent involvement with the Trail Center and at-large, non-voting directors from many states, representing a wide range of perspectives, who have an interest and passion for the California Trail and the Trail Center. The current board of directors are: Kerry Aguirre; Blaine Benedict; Bailey Billington-Benson; Leah Brady; John Collett; Kate Fay; Walt Goddard; Coralee Griswold (Treasurer); Helen Hankins (President); Larry Hyslop; Duane Jones; Krys Munzing (Secretary); Larry Schmidt; Christina Sullivan; Frank Tortorich; Kerry Tuckett; Jeff Williams (Vice-President).
About Us